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This week - Mon Sept 18th - Sun 24th

Haventec: (my main project) I am working out how to get public awareness of some key issues. ---The ICE Project--- Working out how to convince a large Aussie organisation to give the technology a "going over". ---BullionX--- Working after hours on putting together an investment pool to buy some Bullion so we can get a test case working... All very interesting.

Coming Soon:

October 17-18: CSIRO Ontribe event: Sydney: I am speaking on the subject of helping academics find execution partners and how to leverage their strengths while ensuring a product uses their breakthroughs. Watch the video here.No date yet: Public release of the ICE project. Can hardly wait for this.Ric's latest book on Amazon: Step by Step Inventing. Full release information and link to Amazon page coming soon.Hot topic list:  Quantum Computers: at the moment the recent advances in this field seem much misunderstood with lots of misleading reporting... from my position I see a general lack of understanding…
Recent posts

Why Sydney Morning Herald and the New York Times got it wrong about passwords

Recently a well thought out and comprehensive evaluation of the state of user identification and authentication was presented by the New York Times and reprinted by the Sydney Morning Herald. The article can be seen here:

I have paraphrased it in part to help anyone who is more than a bit interested in this subject to see why the article is well meaning but misguided:
It fails to properly segregate the real issues involved with uniquely and securely identifying a person and;Helps promote a solution that in the end is very dangerous, namely Biometrics. You cant replace your thumb when its ID is hacked. You cant replace your Iris when its hacked. The enclosed PDF is a copy of the article with my comments in the margin. If you are interested in this subject it may be worth your investment of time to consider the points I make.

Are ICO's the sport betting alternative for the information age generation?

Initial Coin Offerings are really taking off. But a review of the Blockchain for most of them show that people are investing only hundreds and rarely thousands of dollars. It's almost as if investors are spending on ICO's what punters would have spent on horse or dog races a few years ago.

The difference today is that there are millions of technology literate punters out there. So even if they only have a few hundred to bet with the amounts involved are just humongous. Like last nights ICO of Advantus. Sold out in 7 minutes! 
I just hope that things settle down into a pattern of genuine value for everyone. 
Another intuition I am feeling is that ICO's are like an Everyman's way of sharing in the open source movement. For so many years the only payoff for open source contributors was recognition and code that worked well. Now there is a vehicle to show support. Personally I worry about the fast buck brigade but can't help but think that the ICO movement is worth su…

How to Contact Ric Richardson

Thanks for visiting Ric's site. Please remember the following when trying to contact him. Ric IS happy to talk to journalists and event organisers. Ric is NOT an investor. He does invest in his own inventions but does not, as a rule, invest in projects that he is not actively involved in or utilises one of his inventions. Ric is NOT currently doing probono work. He has a backlog he is working on but has a full-time responsibility for Haventec and his other projects.

For desperate help with probono work or if you have done work with Ric in the past please contact his personal assistant Lara Alberd

Ric does NOT use Skype. He IS on WhatsApp for international calls. He uses FaceTime and Hangouts for video conferencing.

Love it when advice really works. Thx RB

Hey Ric,

I am not sure if you remember but I sat next to on a flight from Sydney to Gold Coast one evening and we had a long chat. I was an intensive care nurse from xxxxxx. You gave me some advice and recommended I readabout

about determining your strengths. Thought I would give you somefeedback. I read the book, found out my strengths and I have changed careers and more than doubled my income! Great advice - thanks!!

I really enjoyed meeting you.

All the best


The book he is referring to is

Introducing Haventec Chief Engineer Naveen Neti

It's about time that I share with you a secret weapon I have been relying on at Haventec. His name is Naveen Neti our chief engineer and resident clear thinker for many of our most important projects and innovations. Along with our Chief Architect Vernon Murdoch, we form Haventec's Red Team which is the small group who are usually tasked with breaking the back of the big problems we face in what is not an easy role as a cyber security company.
While all team members are A players, the core of our current efforts are around the meticulous and careful hardening and quality assurance of our core products which are becoming the first line of Defence in protecting millions of customers and the vast organisations that care for them... banks, financial services companies and large organisations. It's a heavy load to bare.

As a result most of the team comprises seasoned, experienced and quality centric professionals with extensive enterprise level experience. Naveen fits right i…

Byron Bay - AirBnB capital of Australia?

I never usually make comments on social issues and people that know me well know that my beliefs mean that I am completely neutral regarding politics. This position does not preclude me from bringing some alarming statistics to the attention of my neighbours.

My next door neighbours are nice people, but they are AirBnB operators and while the majority of people they have had stay are nice people, it does get tiring helping people understand that sitting next door to my bedroom playing music and laughing till 1 in the morning gets a bit tiresome for people that work and have to get up in the morning. It's nice to hear people happy, but here are some statistics to show that it is not fair on full-time residents to have to deal with overnight visitors every few days.

Number of households in Byron Bay: 3300 reference 2011
Number of AirBnb units Byron Shire available: 1483! ref inside Airbnb


THThe fol…

Software engineering team design refinement

About three months ago we started arranging our engineering talent at Haventec around a three team principle of personal strengths. Firstly let me say all our engineers are A players. So ability is up there. But people are happiest when they do things they are good at.
A persons demeanour and other strengths mean they they will be more happy doing certain things over others.
So our Red team does R&D. It can handle fast iterations and can quickly assess, test and dump ideas while trying to break the back of bigger more long shot problems. The Red team must also be able to handle continuous disappointment.
Our Blue Team does our production code so attention to detail and quality tenacity are strengths here.
Our Green team members are our release code engineers. They are sympathetic customer focussed fixers and refiners.
This approach is working well and everyone gets in and helps each other when needed so there are no silo builders at Haventec.
Micro pivot
However yesterday I resear…

Ric's Thought for the day

Who would have thought? The best TV channel is your own imagination!

RIP Passwords 1962-2017

1962 was the year I was born. It was also the year usernames and passwords were first used to stop shared computer users from using up computer time on another persons account. That at all comes to an end this year with the mainstream rollout of Haventec's passwordless authentication. It it is true that PINs have gradually replaced passwords on most mobile applications, the fact is that most PINs are being used as a surrogate for passwords that still persist and lie waiting to be hacked on enterprise networks everywhere.
As it turns out, the man who invented the computer password back in the early 1960s agrees. In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, 87-year-old Fernando Corbato said that the password has become “kind of nightmare". That ends this year. Haventec's technology uses PINs on everything... mobile, desktop, laptop, cloud and browser. And what is more no PIN or password or anything user identifiable is stored anywhere! Especially not on enterprise …

We need a new word for "homeless"

My dear wife picked up an Aboriginal couple  who were thumbing a ride who told her they had been moved on from Byron because they told the officials they were "homeless".

They hadn't done anything wrong... they had not been drinking. Had not been causing any problems.

But when asked where they lived they said they were "homeless".

Why is it assumed that if someone doesn't have a a home that it is because they are incapable of having a home?

Why can't it just be that someone likes to be unattached?

For the life of me I cant think of an appropriate term for it... traveler, on the roader, open liv-er, transient (nah used for something negative)

Any ideas?


Big banks vs ApplePay

Is the claim by Apple that consumers are not safe if they use anything else but Applepay on their iPhones?

This was the question that a great strategic thinker and advisory board member Ted Pretty put to me. And my answer… bunkum.

The ApplePay system is very secure. It uses tokens to verify identity and communicate with the banks to allow transactions, so in a way it is a step up in security from a standard card EFTPOS transaction.

But to say that ApplePay is the only secure way for a phone to talk to an EFTPOS device and the bank is just nonsense. Its tantamount to saying that every communication between any client and server is not secure unless it uses ApplePay… secure email? Safer with ApplePay, Secure web access… only secure with ApplePay…. it’s a sweeping statement that completely ignores the many proven secure technologies that are available to solve the phone to eftpos security problem.

Take Haventec Secure Wallet for example. To EFTPOS enable this highly flexible and secure t…

Nuix traction, Wickenby biplane crash with Robert and Agius family connection.

It is so gratifying to see Nuix get so much traction from the changes it has been going through in recent months. We at Haventec have been able to see all this close up as we share working space with them in their Australian headquarters. Now that they have just enjoyed a big showing at RSA we are watching them closely for clues for our future success as we receive mentoring from our chairman and co-founder Dr. Anthony "Tony" Castagna.

On another front had an interesting email from Robert Francis from Ferodale where there is a pet project in NSW. He only just returned from a holiday in Vanuatu. Ferodale suffers a bit with an unemployment problem so life is tough. Interestingly he is a distant connection through the Agius family line in Malta but has a fascinating interest in biplanes which are flown a lot on the northern rivers. The crash in Wickenby in the UK really was sobering for him since there are so many crashes that never hit the news even though it has a great commu…

Mentee success: stainless clotheslines

Just wanted to put a good word in for one of the inventors I mentored over the years... this much-needed innovation is stainless steel high tension clotheslines and he has done a great job.

Have a look at their gear at

Well done guys.

Telepresence - essential for everyday Australians.. an NBN killer app

"Imagine looking at someone who is the same size as you on  photographic quality screen, where you are so comfortable talking to them that you forget they are 800km away... that is Telepresence. And THAT is THE REASON to have optical fibre in every Australian home." It's been almost a decade of talk about NBN super broadband and still the message is muddy and unclear. The NBN is NOT about Netflix. It is not about downloading movies fast. Mark my words, it IS EVERYTHING to do with Telepresence.

It about a form of video conferencing that is real life quality. Where you forget that the person you are talking to is not in the room.

It's about putting an HDTV at the end of your dining room table with an HD camera in suburban Sydney and having dinner with your brother and his wife in Brisbane where you talk over your food and laugh and share as if you were both at the same table.

No glitches. No hiccups. No fuzzies. It just works.

I'll never forget hearing an elderly …

Ric's Entreprenuer and Inventor Tips for 28th July 2016

Some more tips to pass on:
Stump procrastination with the restart phrase "The next minute is the first minute of the rest of the day." I use this to jump start myself out of a procrastination loop. Sometimes research becomes an endless loop of distractions and next thing you know you are feeling like your day is wasted. Just stop, refocus and cut the wasted time out of your mind.Never miss an opportunity to give warm thanks to someone who has gone out of their way for you. Risking that you made a big thing out of nothing is never as powerful as someone hearing your genuine thanks for making an effort with you.There is a time to be angry but rarely is it warranted more than a few times a year. If you are careful to be angry only when it really matters then people will recognise that the situation is really serious and generally try and fix it. If you are regularly blowing up, people will write you off as a grump. This happened to me this week. Frustration with a situation boi…

The Upside of Mentoring

When I first started helping fellow inventors way back in 2010, it was a way to say thank you to the 2 million Australians who shared their Monday and Saturday nights with me to watch the Australian Story episode covering our win against Microsoft in that year.

Spending Friday mornings, listening to fellow inventors, trying to help them get going and maybe get a patent was a little way of saying thank you to the rest of Australia who shared their support and time.

But something weird also started to happen. By about the 40th person I started to really deeply understand the inventing process. Not because I studied it, but because in explaining something you have to think deeply about it, and next thing you know many of the things that I just did out of repetition started to make so much more sense.

Its's almost as if, when you really want to understand something, you make an effort to help others understand it and voila you really do start to become an expert at it.

Unfortunately …

Ric Richardson and Uniloc

It has now been some years since the Uniloc versus Microsoft battle and although it is Uniloc's internal policy to not comment outside of official communications, I as a simple shareholder and as an independent inventor want to make some things clear.

 I am and will remain a good friend and supporter of Uniloc's leader Craig Etchegoyen.I am not a board member, officer or employee of Uniloc.I have not sold any stock, received any dividend income or received any significant income from Uniloc since arriving back from the US eight years ago. My policy is "first in last out" and to wait till the team decides when an exit is appropriate.While I personally do not make a living from acquiring other peoples patents and leveraging them for justice against patent infringers I do not think less of Uniloc for doing so. Fighting for patent justice is a long hard and expensive road and I think the team is doing the best they can under the circumstances.The 216 patent (my original …

Can the real Password-less Tech please stand

Two years ago I introduced what I thought was the first password-less logon system in history.

Since that time there have been dozens maybe hundreds of claimers to that throne. Anyone with a thumb print sign-on, or an app that opens their website on a PC is claiming to be password-less.

Well here are some things to consider:

If a web site supplies an app that uses Apple's fingerprint sign-on as a log on capability, is this password-less?
No. If you still have to use a password on ANY of your devices to access your account, you are not password-less. Your password is still stored on their enterprise network and can still be hacked. Password-less means just that... NO PASSWORD.

Just an FYI, Apple's fingerprint scanner is only a surrogate for your password... it just gets sent to the site in the background as a result of you using your thumbprint.. so it is definitely NOT password-less.

Some new technology (such as PING) asks you to open your phone and access a security app every …

Quantum computing and cryptography.. some light reading

Here are some references from one of Australia's leading crypto experts who recently shared his expertise with us at Haventec. All I can say is that we are entering a dangerous new world.
Really great explanation of real life Qubit building scenario
Explains the growing concern for cryptographers over Quantum computers cracking/ brute force capability
A report from Feb 2016 outlining specific implications of quantum computing an specific cryptographic uses.