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Sept 2017 at Haventec

Business--- This month has been very busy on the business side of things for our CEO Rob Morrish and my partner and chairman Tony Castagna. The sales and partner pipelines are just busting at the seams. ---Engineering--- But September also marks the culmination of many moths of hard work for our engineers as we put the final touches on the cloud versions of our products. ---Public Understanding--- This month I'm also going to start addressing some of the issues that seem to have become really confusing in understanding security, privacy and the storage of sensitive information on enterprise networks.

Articles coming this month:

  • An Australian FinancialReview article positioned TokenOne as a major breakthrough in password-less logons. I'll be doing a pretty thorough coverage of why TokenOne is great but not the true password-less solution the world is crying out for.
  • A comparison between Double Octopus and Haventec's Authentication.
  • A review of a leader in the authentication space called Octa and why, though successful, their approach is perpetuating sameness.
Issues I'm looking at this month:
  • Helping the public understand how insecure their passwords are in most institutions.
  • Helping top executives understand that there is a way to get rid of the liability of storing passwords on their networks
  • Helping security executives at those same enterprises feel safe about migrating out of their 55 year old password systems.
  • And generally what it means to really get rid of passwords
The future:
While the team pounds away at production and getting our initial customers happy, everyone has kindly left me to continue solving problems with our existing tech and also toying with what the future holds for someone like us on the bleeding edge of identity management, security and data privacy. Here are some snapshots:
  • Exploring how our PIN-less authentication could be used for machine to machine authentication, ie when servers need to talk to other servers securely.
  • Looking at the initial inklings of a public key system for personal use that would do away with having to use a PIN or remember anything or even use biometrics.
  • How to use the blockchain to stop the worlds domain name servers from being attacked.
Phew. I suppose that's enough. Ha.
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