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Double Octopus vs Haventec Authenticate

A very good friend of the company, Ted Pretty, saw this company hit his radar and I thought to get us to have a peek. The company looks like it has a slick product but… the elephant is the room is that it is yet another so called password-less solution that is hobbled by the need to get your phone out and authorise a connection. There is no way that a technology that requires you to get your phone out every time you want to connect on any device is going to be a true all-platform all-application replacement for passwords. Double Octopus along with PING and TokenOne all may have applications in high end high security authentication situations where users would otherwise have to use a dongle, or other secondary factor... but for the everyday people, the bank customer, the elderly logging on to their bank account from an older computer or the poor sharing a computer in myriad real life practical situations, the use of a phone as your main authentication is just not realistic.

And conceptually it is also a step back to the old days where we have to get our key ring out... but the key is not to open our home to stay home for the night. This approach means you have to get your keys out every time you want to visit a site that uses an account. There is no real need to compare the technology because in the real world, phone dependance is a deal breaker.
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