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Are ICO's the sport betting alternative for the information age generation?

Initial Coin Offerings are really taking off. But a review of the Blockchain for most of them show that people are investing only hundreds and rarely thousands of dollars. It's almost as if investors are spending on ICO's what punters would have spent on horse or dog races a few years ago.

The difference today is that there are millions of technology literate punters out there. So even if they only have a few hundred to bet with the amounts involved are just humongous. Like last nights ICO of Advantus. Sold out in 7 minutes! 

I just hope that things settle down into a pattern of genuine value for everyone. 

Another intuition I am feeling is that ICO's are like an Everyman's way of sharing in the open source movement. For so many years the only payoff for open source contributors was recognition and code that worked well. Now there is a vehicle to show support. Personally I worry about the fast buck brigade but can't help but think that the ICO movement is worth supporting. 

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