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This week - Mon Sept 18th - Sun 24th

Haventec: (my main project) I am working out how to get public awareness of some key issues. ---The ICE Project--- Working out how to convince a large Aussie organisation to give the technology a "going over". ---BullionX--- Working after hours on putting together an investment pool to buy some Bullion so we can get a test case working... All very interesting.

Coming Soon:

October 17-18: CSIRO Ontribe event: Sydney: I am speaking on the subject of helping academics find execution partners and how to leverage their strengths while ensuring a product uses their breakthroughs. Watch the video here.No date yet: Public release of the ICE project. Can hardly wait for this.Ric's latest book on Amazon: Step by Step Inventing. Full release information and link to Amazon page coming soon.Hot topic list:  Quantum Computers: at the moment the recent advances in this field seem much misunderstood with lots of misleading reporting... from my position I see a general lack of understanding…

Nuix traction, Wickenby biplane crash with Robert and Agius family connection.

It is so gratifying to see Nuix get so much traction from the changes it has been going through in recent months. We at Haventec have been able to see all this close up as we share working space with them in their Australian headquarters. Now that they have just enjoyed a big showing at RSA we are watching them closely for clues for our future success as we receive mentoring from our chairman and co-founder Dr. Anthony "Tony" Castagna.

On another front had an interesting email from Robert Francis from Ferodale where there is a pet project in NSW. He only just returned from a holiday in Vanuatu. Ferodale suffers a bit with an unemployment problem so life is tough. Interestingly he is a distant connection through the Agius family line in Malta but has a fascinating interest in biplanes which are flown a lot on the northern rivers. The crash in Wickenby in the UK really was sobering for him since there are so many crashes that never hit the news even though it has a great community feel and support for the local fliers. I have helped a lot of people over the years with their pet projects even people who write books like Anthony Bowden can be helped with a little business advice.

Nuix new chairman, Nuix IPO imminent
Looksmart reference
Tony Castagna crikey

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