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Software engineering team design refinement

About three months ago we started arranging our engineering talent at Haventec around a three team principle of personal strengths. Firstly let me say all our engineers are A players. So ability is up there. But people are happiest when they do things they are good at.
A persons demeanour and other strengths mean they they will be more happy doing certain things over others.
So our Red team does R&D. It can handle fast iterations and can quickly assess, test and dump ideas while trying to break the back of bigger more long shot problems. The Red team must also be able to handle continuous disappointment.
Our Blue Team does our production code so attention to detail and quality tenacity are strengths here.
Our Green team members are our release code engineers. They are sympathetic customer focussed fixers and refiners.
This approach is working well and everyone gets in and helps each other when needed so there are no silo builders at Haventec.
Micro pivot
However yesterday I resear…

Ric's Thought for the day

Who would have thought? The best TV channel is your own imagination!

RIP Passwords 1962-2017

1962 was the year I was born. It was also the year usernames and passwords were first used to stop shared computer users from using up computer time on another persons account. That at all comes to an end this year with the mainstream rollout of Haventec's passwordless authentication. It it is true that PINs have gradually replaced passwords on most mobile applications, the fact is that most PINs are being used as a surrogate for passwords that still persist and lie waiting to be hacked on enterprise networks everywhere.
As it turns out, the man who invented the computer password back in the early 1960s agrees. In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, 87-year-old Fernando Corbato said that the password has become “kind of nightmare". That ends this year. Haventec's technology uses PINs on everything... mobile, desktop, laptop, cloud and browser. And what is more no PIN or password or anything user identifiable is stored anywhere! Especially not on enterprise …

Ric Richardson and Uniloc

It has now been some years since the Uniloc versus Microsoft battle and although it is Uniloc's internal policy to not comment outside of official communications, I as a simple shareholder and as an independent inventor want to make some things clear.
 I am and will remain a good friend and supporter of Uniloc's leader Craig Etchegoyen.I am not a board member, officer or employee of Uniloc.I have not sold any stock, received any dividend income or received any significant income from Uniloc since arriving back from the US eight years ago. My policy is "first in last out" and to wait till the team decides when an exit is appropriate.While I personally do not make a living from acquiring other peoples patents and leveraging them for justice against patent infringers I do not think less of Uniloc for doing so. Fighting for patent justice is a long hard and expensive road and I think the team is doing the best they can under the circumstances.The 216 patent (my original …
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