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The West Coast is finally getting an earthquake early warning system

The West Coast is finally getting an earthquake early warning system

Some brave soul volunteered for a completely robotic dental surgery

Some brave soul volunteered for a completely robotic dental surgery
Prior to the surgery, the robot was oriented to the patient's head and mouth and researchers then programmed the device with all of the necessary information for it to complete the procedure. That included the angles and depth required for accurate placement of the implants. After testing the programmed movements, the operation was carried out. It took about an hour and though medical staff were present during the procedure, none of them assisted the robot while it worked. Afterwards, the staff determined that the robot had implanted the teeth with high precision.Due to a dentist shortage, South China Morning Post reports that while around 400 million people need dental implants in the country, only about one million are done each year. Further, when people turn to less qualified individuals in order to get needed dental work done, they often end up with additional problems. Robots stand to i…

Climbkhana: Ken Block explains Pikes Peak assault in latest Gymkhana video

Climbkhana: Ken Block explains Pikes Peak assault in latest Gymkhana video By Carter Jung Climbkhana is clever. And no, not because it's a portmanteau. Rather it's how Ken Block and his merry band of Hoonigan Media Machine misfits took something the internet clearly loves, hooning, and paired it with a picturesque mountain...

Aire security drone roams the home on its own

Aire security drone roams the home on its own Security cameras that let you check in on your home using your phone are common enough these days, but how many of them can fly? Billed as a smarter home monitoring system, Aire is a self-flying robot that can be engaged remotely to provide a livestream of around the house, featuring a soft fabric exterior to avoid injuries to anybody nearby. .. Continue Reading Aire security drone roams the home on its own


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Hypersonic flight: Threat or opportunity?

Hypersonic flight: Threat or opportunity? If there's one word that keeps military planners from sleeping at night, it's "hypersonic." The ability to fly at more than five times the speed of sound holds the promise of flying to the antipodes in less time than it takes to drive across town. However, it also makes possible deadly weapons that can penetrate any defenses currently available while delivering the destructive force of a tactical nuclear weapon. So what is hypersonic flight and is its development an opportunity or a threat? .. Continue Reading Hypersonic flight: Threat or opportunity?


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Yamaha shows off new house brand of e-bikes

Yamaha shows off new house brand of e-bikes Although it may be best-known for things like motorcycles, Yamaha claims to have launched the world's first electrically power assisted bicycle back in 1993. Since then, it's sold over two million electric bikes – in the Japanese market. Now, Yamaha Motor Corp USA has unveiled a new line of e-bikes that should be available at American and Japanese dealerships starting next spring. .. Continue Reading Yamaha shows off new house brand of e-bikes


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Shelby Raptor shapes as the ultimate off-road truck... for a lucky few

Shelby Raptor shapes as the ultimate off-road truck... for a lucky few Ford would argue the F-150 Raptor is the roughest, toughest production truck available on (and off) the road. Shelby American would beg to differ. The new Shelby Raptor builds on the base Raptor with more power, better off-road capability and tougher looks – but you'll need to get in quickly, with a production run of just 500. .. Continue Reading Shelby Raptor shapes as the ultimate off-road truck... for a lucky few


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Sound waves enable blood sample analysis in minutes

Sound waves enable blood sample analysis in minutes A few years ago, a team of MIT scientists developed a novel way to separate blood cells using sound waves. Now the team, in conjunction with scientists from several other institutions, has taken the technology even further by demonstrating that the process can isolate exosomes from blood samples. This has the potential for a fast way to detect biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. .. Continue Reading Sound waves enable blood sample analysis in minutes


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Hyperloop One gets a fresh injection of cash

Hyperloop One gets a fresh injection of cash There are a number of startups working on Elon Musk's Hyperloop, a tube-based travel concept that moves pods at the speed of sound, but none are gathering quite the momentum of Hyperloop One. The company has today announced US$85 million in new funding, as it looks to move forward with the development of routes around the world. .. Continue Reading Hyperloop One gets a fresh injection of cash

Category:Urban Transport

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Walmart to trial delivery service that restocks your fridge

Walmart to trial delivery service that restocks your fridge Would you be comfortable with a Walmart employee wandering into your home and restocking your fridge? What if you could watch on as they did it? The retail giant is at least looking to test out this possibly unnecessary concept through a new partnership with smart home security company August. .. Continue Reading Walmart to trial delivery service that restocks your fridge

Category:Around The Home

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3D-printable synthetic muscle is three times stronger than you

3D-printable synthetic muscle is three times stronger than you The classic image of a robot is one clad in a rigid metal shell, but that's not going to be practical in situations where man and machine will need to work together. The emerging field of soft robotics is helping to make that collaboration safer, but recreating muscle is no easy task. Now, mechanical engineers from Columbia University have developed a synthetic soft muscle that's much more simple to make and run than others, and is three times stronger than the real thing. .. Continue Reading 3D-printable synthetic muscle is three times stronger than you


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Hackers Break Into the SEC, DHS Tells 21 States Russian Hackers Targeted Them, and More Security News This Week

Hackers Break Into the SEC, DHS Tells 21 States Russian Hackers Targeted Them, and More Security News This Week
The week kicked off with news that CCleaner, a popular security software tool, had itself been compromised, distributing a backdoor to hundreds of thousands of users and highlighting software's serious supply-chain security issue. Just a few days later, it turned out that the CCleaner was designed instead to target nearly two dozen specific tech firms. That's... not good.Elsewhere in security news this week, Donald Trump threatened to destroy North Korea in front of the UN General Assembly, a dangerous escalation of his already incendiary rhetoric. WikiLeaks dumped a bunch of information on how Russia spies on its citizens—much of which was already publicly available. We took a look at why the Google Play Store keeps suffering malware plagues, and why you should use a PIN instead of a pattern to lock your Android phone.Also, a new hacker group l…

Sept 2017 at Haventec

Business--- This month has been very busy on the business side of things for our CEO Rob Morrish and my partner and chairman Tony Castagna. The sales and partner pipelines are just busting at the seams. ---Engineering--- But September also marks the culmination of many moths of hard work for our engineers as we put the final touches on the cloud versions of our products. ---Public Understanding--- This month I'm also going to start addressing some of the issues that seem to have become really confusing in understanding security, privacy and the storage of sensitive information on enterprise networks.

Articles coming this month:

An Australian FinancialReview article positioned TokenOne as a major breakthrough in password-less logons. I'll be doing a pretty thorough coverage of why TokenOne is great but not the true password-less solution the world is crying out for.A comparison between Double Octopus and Haventec's Authentication.A review of a leader in the authentication spa…

Why Haventec?

When I started Haventec over two years ago with my good partner Tony Castagna, I had invented the core technology for the express purpose of getting rid of passwords, replacing the with simple PIN's but making the logon process even more secure. A peripheral advantage that has since become the companies main focus is the removal of the headache of protecting and storing passwords on enterprise servers.

Double Octopus vs Haventec Authenticate

A very good friend of the company, Ted Pretty, saw this company hit his radar and I thought to get us to have a peek. The company looks like it has a slick product but… the elephant is the room is that it is yet another so called password-less solution that is hobbled by the need to get your phone out and authorise a connection. There is no way that a technology that requires you to get your phone out every time you want to connect on any device is going to be a true all-platform all-application replacement for passwords. Double Octopus along with PING and TokenOne all may have applications in high end high security authentication situations where users would otherwise have to use a dongle, or other secondary factor... but for the everyday people, the bank customer, the elderly logging on to their bank account from an older computer or the poor sharing a computer in myriad real life practical situations, the use of a phone as your main authentication is just not realistic.

And concep…

Why Sydney Morning Herald and the New York Times got it wrong about passwords

Recently a well thought out and comprehensive evaluation of the state of user identification and authentication was presented by the New York Times and reprinted by the Sydney Morning Herald. The article can be seen here:

I have paraphrased it in part to help anyone who is more than a bit interested in this subject to see why the article is well meaning but misguided:
It fails to properly segregate the real issues involved with uniquely and securely identifying a person and;Helps promote a solution that in the end is very dangerous, namely Biometrics. You cant replace your thumb when its ID is hacked. You cant replace your Iris when its hacked. The enclosed PDF is a copy of the article with my comments in the margin. If you are interested in this subject it may be worth your investment of time to consider the points I make.

This week - Mon Sept 18th - Sun 24th 2017

Haventec: (my main project) I am working out how to get public awareness of some key issues. ---The ICE Project--- Working out how to convince a large Aussie organisation to give the technology a "going over". ---BullionX--- Working after hours on putting together an investment pool to buy some Bullion so we can get a test case working... All very interesting.

Coming Soon:

October 17-18: CSIRO Ontribe event: Sydney: I am speaking on the subject of helping academics find execution partners and how to leverage their strengths while ensuring a product uses their breakthroughs. Watch the video here.No date yet: Public release of the ICE project. Can hardly wait for this.Ric's latest book on Amazon: Step by Step Inventing. Full release information and link to Amazon page coming soon.Hot topic list:  Quantum Computers: at the moment the recent advances in this field seem much misunderstood with lots of misleading reporting... from my position I see a general lack of understanding…

Are ICO's the sport betting alternative for the information age generation?

Initial Coin Offerings are really taking off. But a review of the Blockchain for most of them show that people are investing only hundreds and rarely thousands of dollars. It's almost as if investors are spending on ICO's what punters would have spent on horse or dog races a few years ago.

The difference today is that there are millions of technology literate punters out there. So even if they only have a few hundred to bet with the amounts involved are just humongous. Like last nights ICO of Advantus. Sold out in 7 minutes! 
I just hope that things settle down into a pattern of genuine value for everyone. 
Another intuition I am feeling is that ICO's are like an Everyman's way of sharing in the open source movement. For so many years the only payoff for open source contributors was recognition and code that worked well. Now there is a vehicle to show support. Personally I worry about the fast buck brigade but can't help but think that the ICO movement is worth su…

How to Contact Ric Richardson

Thanks for visiting Ric's site. Please remember the following when trying to contact him. Ric IS happy to talk to journalists and event organisers. Ric is NOT an investor. He does invest in his own inventions but does not, as a rule, invest in projects that he is not actively involved in or utilises one of his inventions. Ric is NOT currently doing probono work. He has a backlog he is working on but has a full-time responsibility for Haventec and his other projects.

For desperate help with probono work or if you have done work with Ric in the past please contact his personal assistant Lara Alberd

Ric does NOT use Skype. He IS on WhatsApp for international calls. He uses FaceTime and Hangouts for video conferencing.

Love it when advice really works. Thx RB

Hey Ric,

I am not sure if you remember but I sat next to on a flight from Sydney to Gold Coast one evening and we had a long chat. I was an intensive care nurse from xxxxxx. You gave me some advice and recommended I readabout

about determining your strengths. Thought I would give you somefeedback. I read the book, found out my strengths and I have changed careers and more than doubled my income! Great advice - thanks!!

I really enjoyed meeting you.

All the best


The book he is referring to is

Introducing Haventec Chief Engineer Naveen Neti

It's about time that I share with you a secret weapon I have been relying on at Haventec. His name is Naveen Neti our chief engineer and resident clear thinker for many of our most important projects and innovations. Along with our Chief Architect Vernon Murdoch, we form Haventec's Red Team which is the small group who are usually tasked with breaking the back of the big problems we face in what is not an easy role as a cyber security company.
While all team members are A players, the core of our current efforts are around the meticulous and careful hardening and quality assurance of our core products which are becoming the first line of Defence in protecting millions of customers and the vast organisations that care for them... banks, financial services companies and large organisations. It's a heavy load to bare.

As a result most of the team comprises seasoned, experienced and quality centric professionals with extensive enterprise level experience. Naveen fits right i…

Byron Bay - AirBnB capital of Australia?

I never usually make comments on social issues and people that know me well know that my beliefs mean that I am completely neutral regarding politics. This position does not preclude me from bringing some alarming statistics to the attention of my neighbours.

My next door neighbours are nice people, but they are AirBnB operators and while the majority of people they have had stay are nice people, it does get tiring helping people understand that sitting next door to my bedroom playing music and laughing till 1 in the morning gets a bit tiresome for people that work and have to get up in the morning. It's nice to hear people happy, but here are some statistics to show that it is not fair on full-time residents to have to deal with overnight visitors every few days.

Number of households in Byron Bay: 3300 reference 2011
Number of AirBnb units Byron Shire available: 1483! ref inside Airbnb


THThe fol…
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