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Imagine if Australian Dollars could be Bitcoin-ised

Imagine that!
You could send a twenty dollar bill to your mate or your Mum by email or SMS.
A shop could show its SMS phone number and you could pay by sending the money from your phone. No card, no waiting to see if the card cleared... no merchant fees... no web site and forms to fill out.

Web sites could have only an SMS number for you to send the money, your delivery address and the name of the item you want to purchase... a new age of simplicity and immediacy.

What's more the Reserve Bank of Australia actually wants this to happen.

Imagine what would happen to the value of the Australian currency if anyone in the world could use it for International transactions?

Just imagine. No question as to the value of what's in your wallet.. er... ah phone. You pay $20 you get $20 worth... the real power of Bitcoin is when it is used as a token for a physical currency not as a currency in it's own right...

Another opportunity for BitToken™.

Bitcoin is dead. Long live BitToken™

This will no doubt end up being one in a series of postings about Bitcoin.. er um Blockchain... er um that new technology all the banks and finance investors are excited about.

Try this quick quiz:

Is Bitcoin different to Blockchain?If so what is the difference?Is one a currency and the other a trusted ledger? How irritating all this is... here are some quick facts. The Bitcoin system, uses both Bitcoin's (as the item of value that is traded) and Blockchain's (that is the ledger that keeps track of who owns each individual Bitcoin at any given time.So why use the term Blockchain if it's simply a part of the Bitcoin system? Because people hate associating a fantastically powerful mathematical system of trust with the baggage now heaped on the shoulders of Bitcoin due to it's association with Drug Dealers, Terrorists and the Dark Web.Most of the noise surrounding Blockchains is the rudimentary and rather boring excitement around using the blockchain for archiving all kinds…

Living in a glass house

Last month I did a blog article about the concept of a glass house. I was surprised by how many people have an opinion on the matter and also how many people thought it was a crazy idea. And now I think it's worth the effort to explain some of the thinking behind my position.

First of all a key fact is that the glass being used is industrial skyscraper type tempered glass with three layers so it has incredible installation and strength characteristics. Another factor is that industrial glass like this can apparently be shipped quite cheaply from China. For example a 2.5 x 1 m sheet of R43 glass (ie bushfire proof) can be purchased in lots of 200 units for about $80 a sheet which is really quite amazing.

If you add the ability to frost the glass using an electronic impulse you have the ability then to turn on privacy at a moments notice and to control light and privacy to any panel of glass in the house.

In my own case I am ultimately looking to build a house that is in a very high…

Inspiring business advice from Seth Godin and Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferris of "4 hour work week" fame does an audio blog every week that is often full of gems. A recent example is his interview with marketing guru Seth Godin. Here are some great takeaways: Most people who think they are entrepreneurs are not entrepreneurs but freelancers. A freelancer does work for pay. They want to set up a web site or a business idea and get their money back. An Entrepreneur is a builder who puts people and resources together to build something that makes money by itself without the need to work in the business and then can be sold for multiple times what it cost to build.Seth does a blog that he adds a story to every day. The flow of ideas and tidbits is amazing and really worth tracking.His method for blogging is to use his blog site writing tool (typepad) as a trigger for switching into the mindset of writing for his specific audience.. people who are looking for entrepreneurial inspiration, guidance and advice. Maybe I could follow this thinking her…
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