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Some Competitive Clarity for Haventec

Because Haventec has branched out from a core of Authentication to secure personal data management and Blockchain applications, it may be a bit confusing to work out what space the company is focussed on and who and who are not Haventec competitors.

First of all it is important to understand how Haventec's three core products fit together.
Haventec Authentication enables users to securely connect to even high security enterprise networks without storing any personal information on the network. Plus it does not rely on thumbprints or facial recognition or any other device specific capability. You can use a multitude of user identity methods but the key thing is that nothing hackable gets stored on the server or network so it solves the biggest issue facing enterprise C suite decision makers… how to limit breach risk.
Haventec Digital Wallet moves sensitive information off corporate networks onto users devices but secures them by physically separating the location of the data (on users devices) from the encryption keys (on the server). This distributed encryption approach makes it a nightmare for hackers to get t large bodies of valuable information and gives the user the power to say when and how others access their sensitive information. This approach works for everything from credit card numbers to delicate medical information to banking data.

Haventec Blockchain Platinum (HBP) is a secure network identity platform, that allows other applications to sit on top of it. Its initial purpose was to make sure that our Authentication servers could be installed safely and maintain reliable and trustworthy connections to the other servers and applications it must talk to on customers enterprise networks. But as it turns out the technology can also talk to end user devices and support a plethora of applications ranging from domain name verification, to secure public key encrypted messaging and email, to server admin identity management and server and consumer license management.

So how do these product strengths fit into the competitive landscape?
Here are some companies recently referred to us as possible competitors.

Taqanu Bank, Norway
Taqanu Bank provides basic blockchain-based banking services including debit cards and checking accounts for migrants, refugees, expatriates and remote workers regardless of residency status or available documentation.
Comment: This is a valid application of blockchain but suffers from basic weaknesses and is only an indirect competitor with Haventec. Taqanu look to be using blockchain as a surrogate for identity such as passports or drivers licenses with a focus on users that . Their solution is not a platform, and therefore a complete ecosystem of wallets, mining nodes and ledgers must be distributed and maintained for just one application or use case. The future is in having multiple applications running from the same installed base of code to minimise user maintenance. Asking a customer to install and maintain their system especially if it is not universally of use is a long shot.
It is more likely that such a company would partner with Haventec as an application sitting atop the Blockchain Platinum Platform (HBP) than for them to try and install their application as a standalone application on migrants phones.

ProofOfYou, Estonia
ProofOfYou provides an Ethereum-based platform for creating, signing, fulfilling and managing contracts and legal documents, which are necessary between different companies (internally or externally) or individuals.
Comment: This company looks to be a fork of the Etherium Blockchain code base customised for a specific application namely contract verification and signing. Yet again an opportunity for their application to sit atop the HBP platform.

Paymeabit, Italy
Paymeabit is a pioneer of nano-transactions in bitcoin and aims to change how online content gets rewarded through a platform that allows to tip very small amounts rather than just simply ‘like’ content.
Comment: This interesting technology is playing in the micropayment space using bitcoin and its powerful transaction slicing capability to allow easy transactions for the user where small components of each transaction can be automatically redirected to 3rd parties. While Haventec is not currently entertaining any Bitcoin related partner opportunities, it is easy to see that non Bitcoin currency related transactions will be here soon at which time HBP will be an ideal distribution platform for this business if they survive.

Bittunes, United Kingdom
Bittunes is a music sharing & earning platform that monetises the exchange of digital data as users share songs, using Bitcoin as the primary operational currency but denominating all songs in $US and effectively creating a merit-based competitive marketplace for independent music.
Comment: An interesting but non essential application of Blockchain that may take off or may not… in either case this company would be looking to HBP as a distribution partner.

Zeptagram, Sweden
Zeptagram is planning to establish a platform for traders and investors worldwide on which music properties can be traded as an alternative investment. The platform act as an transparent internet exchange with real-time trading and transparent order books – supported by blockchain technology.
Comment: An interesting but non essential application of Blockchain that may take off or may not… in either case this company would be looking to HBP as a distribution partner.
Zlick, Estonia
Zlick is bringing 0 click micropayments to the web. Their solution enables online publishers, for the first time, to sell individual articles for 0.10-1€ in a completely frictionless manner. Customers pay at the end of the month with their mobile bill.
Comment: This company looks very similar to Paymeabit above with a non Bitcoin centralised payment distribution service and not a competitor with Haventec.
Caravaggio, France
Carvaggio works on creating the reference use case for wine security. It leverages blockchain as the underlying security platform and combines their financial industry experience with their payment information technology to create a state-of-the-art provenance solution.
Comment: An interesting but non essential application of Blockchain that may take off or may not… in either case this company would be looking to HBP as a distribution partner.
Mamoru, Germany
Mamoru provides a global immutable proof of ownership and proof of proximity for any high-value portable item. When you register your possession, like a bicycle, using our easy smartphone app, your ownership of the item is written to the Ethereum blockchain, for ever, linking you to your possession via the chip inside it. Thefts can easily be reported and the item recovered.
Comment: Yet another interesting but possibly non essential application of blockchain yet again illustrating the need for a secure device and network foundation platform that can be used to manage applications sitting atop. This application of blochain presents a problem in that the infrequent transactions relating to each registered piece (i.e. Bicycle or TV) means that the blockchain could become stale and large in a relatively short time. In fact it would be important for such an application to become part of a platform to ensure it does not get left behind on user upgrades and device cycling the same way that little used apps are frequently not ported to new cell phones.
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