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Ric's Entreprenuer and Inventor Tips for 28th July 2016

Some more tips to pass on:
  • Stump procrastination with the restart phrase "The next minute is the first minute of the rest of the day." I use this to jump start myself out of a procrastination loop. Sometimes research becomes an endless loop of distractions and next thing you know you are feeling like your day is wasted. Just stop, refocus and cut the wasted time out of your mind.
  • Never miss an opportunity to give warm thanks to someone who has gone out of their way for you. Risking that you made a big thing out of nothing is never as powerful as someone hearing your genuine thanks for making an effort with you.
  • There is a time to be angry but rarely is it warranted more than a few times a year. If you are careful to be angry only when it really matters then people will recognise that the situation is really serious and generally try and fix it. If you are regularly blowing up, people will write you off as a grump. This happened to me this week. Frustration with a situation boiled over and my long record of being cool-headed normally lead to a mobilisation of a lot of people to take the problem seriously.
  • Problems are never solved by money. Execution solves problems. Money just helps smooth problems out and stops them from becoming chronic. Experience, effort and clear thinking will always beat money hands down.
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