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Ric Richardson and Uniloc

It has now been some years since the Uniloc versus Microsoft battle and although it is Uniloc's internal policy to not comment outside of official communications, I as a simple shareholder and as an independent inventor want to make some things clear.
  1.  I am and will remain a good friend and supporter of Uniloc's leader Craig Etchegoyen.
  2. I am not a board member, officer or employee of Uniloc.
  3. I have not sold any stock, received any dividend income or received any significant income from Uniloc since arriving back from the US eight years ago. My policy is "first in last out" and to wait till the team decides when an exit is appropriate.
  4. While I personally do not make a living from acquiring other peoples patents and leveraging them for justice against patent infringers I do not think less of Uniloc for doing so. Fighting for patent justice is a long hard and expensive road and I think the team is doing the best they can under the circumstances.
  5. The 216 patent (my original Uniloc patent) is now expired. If you see Uniloc suing anyone it is most likely for patents they own where I am not the inventor, so please don't take it upon yourself to assume I am the person behind any infringement action being taken by Uniloc.
  6. Just because I am a shareholder (and a minor one at that) don't assume that I have any influence over their business decisions or activities, whether it is good or other in your opinion.
  7. As an Inventor I rightfully (and indeed have the responsibility to) stand up for my patents. It's not about being a big head, ego maniac or such. Its about everyone who puts their all in with me on the road from invention to market. It's about protecting family members, team members and investors that see a good idea, put faith in it and jump in to support me and the team involved.
  8. To accuse me personally of being a patent troll in light of all the above is ludicrous. I do not make my living from anything but my own patents. Every patent I produce is designed to solve a real problem and is used in the support of commercialising that solution.
  9. Just because I may not take personal responsibility for commercialising every patent does not mean that I am just patenting stuff as a litigation trap. To say an inventor must commercialise every patent is to call an architect a fake if they don't also build every building they conceive. I am an inventor. I solve problems and hand off to people who can execute those ideas to see them become real solutions in the hands of everyday people.
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