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Can the real Password-less Tech please stand

Two years ago I introduced what I thought was the first password-less logon system in history.

Since that time there have been dozens maybe hundreds of claimers to that throne. Anyone with a thumb print sign-on, or an app that opens their website on a PC is claiming to be password-less.

Well here are some things to consider:

If a web site supplies an app that uses Apple's fingerprint sign-on as a log on capability, is this password-less?
No. If you still have to use a password on ANY of your devices to access your account, you are not password-less. Your password is still stored on their enterprise network and can still be hacked. Password-less means just that... NO PASSWORD.

Just an FYI, Apple's fingerprint scanner is only a surrogate for your password... it just gets sent to the site in the background as a result of you using your thumbprint.. so it is definitely NOT password-less.

Some new technology (such as PING) asks you to open your phone and access a security app every time you want to log on to a web site on your PC or laptop. Isn't this password-less?
Not necessarily. But it's a pain anyway.
I for one hate the idea of getting my phone out, finding and opening an app and swiping a screen to get access to every website I use in a day... it's just moronic. But under the covers is there still no password? Well from what we can tell there still is a large number that does not change over time so that could definitely be said to still be a password, albeit large, complicated and hard to hack.

So now for some home truths.

Password-less means password-less. 
It means No password stored anywhere, in any way. What I invented at Haventec is the real deal. No password is stored anywhere on the server or on the users device. There is nothing to hack.

True Password-less log on means no password for every site for every device.
What I invented works on any device for any web site. You don't need SMS messages or apps or to get your phone out or any other mumbo-jumbo. It just works.

People who tell you they are password-less but still need you to use a password when using a PC or a laptop are lying. Any stored password is a dangerous password. And if a hacker can get to your password then whether you use a thumb print or an eye scan or a voice print is besides the point. You can still be hacked.

How ridiculous and inane these password-less claims are.
Sorry to be on my high hoarse about this but it's just getting tiresome hearing people tell me about this or that password-less system.

It's all nonsense.

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