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A fundamental communications, networking and data sharing security fabric

An influential and strategic thinking guru who is also a friend of Haventec asked us a thought provoking question:

"have you developed a new and more fundamental communications, networking and data sharing security fabric within which blockchain applications and other applications can securely operate."

In typical nerd fashion I replied that:
  • It's simply a way for people to securely connect to enterprise networks without sharing any personally identifiable information,
  • A way to share private information only when and where they want to, and to have control over how that information is used and stored.
  • And finally a way to help ensure that computers on any network can have confidence in the other computers they are connected and talking to... oh, and to allow other application to piggyback that capability so they too can be sure that there is no one faking their identity and misusing the trust that is assumed and indeed essential on any important network.
On reflection fabric is a much better, more elegant and thoughtful way of saying the same thing isn't it?

Maybe we should call Haventec Blockchain Platinum, Haventec Fabrique...

Thanks Ted.

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