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Ric's Entreprenuer and Inventor Tips for this week

Here is some ideas for you to chew over this week:

  • If you were the chairman of the board for your own company and you could hire anyone to be CEO of your company, would you hire you? If not who WOULD you hire?.... That person should be your co-founder.
  • Don't think about raising money. Think about your exit. What company will want to buy your company when its at full steam? Then think about someone who has experience in getting THAT done. If you are in security tech, then maybe Symantec should be buying your company. Who has had experience at selling their company to Symantec... THAT is the person that should be our cofounder or at least a close advisor.
  • Rarely is your skill set enough to get a special project done. A balanced team of complimentary skill sets and mutual respect and trust will always execute strongly.
  • In my world you need three things. A great idea, the right team to execute it, and funding to allow us to do the right things first. Many very experienced friends of mine like Matt Barry and Pete Cooper are big on execution, execution, execution. Which I understand... but where is the fun in executing on something mundane. Solving a problem of significance is always a thrilling project. THAT is when great execution and good funding work magic.
To ask specific questions ask Ric and use the hashtag #AskInventorRic on Twitter.
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