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Inspiring business advice from Seth Godin and Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferris of "4 hour work week" fame does an audio blog every week that is often full of gems. A recent example is his interview with marketing guru Seth Godin. Here are some great takeaways:
  • Most people who think they are entrepreneurs are not entrepreneurs but freelancers. A freelancer does work for pay. They want to set up a web site or a business idea and get their money back. An Entrepreneur is a builder who puts people and resources together to build something that makes money by itself without the need to work in the business and then can be sold for multiple times what it cost to build.
  • Seth does a blog that he adds a story to every day. The flow of ideas and tidbits is amazing and really worth tracking.
  • His method for blogging is to use his blog site writing tool (typepad) as a trigger for switching into the mindset of writing for his specific audience.. people who are looking for entrepreneurial inspiration, guidance and advice.
Maybe I could follow this thinking here in my own blog. The most important thing when writing continually is to have a clear picture of the audience so I will give this some thought and then clarify my audience in the right-hand column so that it reminds me every time I come to write on the blog who I am writing for.

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