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Imagine if Australian Dollars could be Bitcoin-ised

Imagine that!
You could send a twenty dollar bill to your mate or your Mum by email or SMS.
A shop could show its SMS phone number and you could pay by sending the money from your phone. No card, no waiting to see if the card cleared... no merchant fees... no web site and forms to fill out.

Web sites could have only an SMS number for you to send the money, your delivery address and the name of the item you want to purchase... a new age of simplicity and immediacy.

What's more the Reserve Bank of Australia actually wants this to happen.

Imagine what would happen to the value of the Australian currency if anyone in the world could use it for International transactions?

Just imagine. No question as to the value of what's in your wallet.. er... ah phone. You pay $20 you get $20 worth... the real power of Bitcoin is when it is used as a token for a physical currency not as a currency in it's own right...

Another opportunity for BitToken™.
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