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Life size Lego blocks for actual building projects

About 6 months ago, Pete Symms, a friend of the family approached me about the idea of using life size Lego blocks for building projects... We discussed all kinds of interesting ideas and angles on the concept.

For my own part I started to research how to set the building block connection PINs so that there is pressure between the blocks to induce an airtight seal that would do away with the need for cement or another sealing agent...

Then sadly I started seeing articles about people using the idea for a range of situations... well good on them, but the problem is that none of the solutions fully exploit the strong advantages of Lego type building.

Plus, the Lego system has seemed to have taken a different direction since I was a kid. Back in the day, Lego was about buying multi purpose components and doing all kinds of things with the same set of b…
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