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Update: The password replacement project

A lot has happened since the SMH article last year. Here are some highlights:

  • A company was incorporated to commercialise the technology.
  • I have partnered with a respected co-founder
  • We have been working in the banking industry
  • The technology is officially working
  • We have an initial customer
  • We have secured funding
  • And will soon have an experienced CEO in place to roll out market entry
Why all the secrecy? Well there isn't really, its just that with this project, that we have called Haven, we have opted to quietly go about executing. Also the fact that the players involved are all significant well known people and institutions, it would be improper for me to speak for them in my blog.

That being said, when the time comes it will be really exciting for me as this project is by far the fastest moving most successful project I have ever worked on.
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