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Ewingsdale Road Peak Traffic Congestion Plan

Typically I wouldn't get involved with local problems as I really try to apply myself to solving problems for Industries and everyday general users of technology. But the problem in my hometown of Byron Bay is getting so chronic that I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring.

The problem: To enable emergency vehicles and selected public transport, such as the sports ground to CBD shuttle, to have direct and uninterrupted access to the full length of Ewingsdale Road. Note, this is not an ongoing solution but simply a recommendation for the busiest parts of the year namely the last week of the year going into Jan and during big peak periods such as Bluesfest.

The solution: To temporarily on an “as needed” basis, or at a reasonable time table, stop the outbound traffic from the CBD so that the outgoing lane can be used (temporarily for 10 minutes or so) for incoming emergency or shuttle traffic. To do this by placing traffic lights that face the outgoing traffic and asks them to stop and pull to the side of the road for 10 minutes so that emergency or buses can get access to the Byron CBD.

Here is an example scenario: The happy bus leaves the sports field on the hour between 8am and 7pm on peak days. The bus driver has a remote trigger for a series of red lights that are spaced from the roundabout in front of the Byron Police Station to the OziGo intersection on the way out of Byron. Each red light has a sign that says "On red light please pull to the side of the road until a green light is shown". As the bus driver goes past each red light the driver sets the light to green to allow traffic to start behind him or her as he proceeds towards town.

  • Ambulances police and emergency vehicles do not have to run the gauntlet of oncoming traffic.
  • It will strongly encourage the use of the CBD bus service. Image the PR value of having a bus pass you in the line when you have been sitting there for 40 minutes!
  • By the way free bus passes for locals would be good!
  • Have the police use it from time to time to catch abusers!
Survey:Just below I have included a survey of visitors to the site to see what the consensus is... its OK if you decide to "Tell me I'm dreaming :-)" but its better to know one way or the other. Please note this is not a political activity, just an exercise in common sense that if supported may be put to council.

(See more details below) If you want to support this initiative there is provision to add your email to the proposal in a form below.. thanks for visiting.

What do you think of Ric's Traffic solution?
Definately need something like this
Give it a go Ric. It may just work
Nice try but not realistic
Tell him he's dreaming
facebook poll

Implimentation: To do the above I imagine that there will need to be temporary traffic lights and instructions to pull to the side of the road at these locations:

  • Just before the roundabout at Lawson street on the way out of town just past the railway tracks.
  • In front of the Caltex/ Woolworths Petrol station
  • At the Sunrise side road
  • At the OziGo intersection
The ability to remotely control the traffic lights is assumed but not a big deal if not currently available as I can see exactly what's needed.

Depending on the results of the poll I will know whether or not to formally follow up on the idea so tell me what you think and thanks for visiting. If you vote please check back as I will be wanting to get your help to push this through if enough people are interested.

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