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Court Case Win in East Texas

Yesterday I arrived home from Texas on a 17 hour Qantas direct flight. The day started with the first day of Jury deliberations for the case of Uniloc vs Electronic Arts... the day ended with a verdict in favour of Uniloc and a dash to Dallas airport to get back home.

I came to Tyler for the case as a witness. It was my first time in court representing myself as the inventor of the 216 patent and it was a real eye opener.

Top things learned was how great it is that an Australian can go to Tyler in Texas and ask the American people for justice from a worldwide respected Judge (The Honourable Judge Leonard Davis) and eight patient and long suffering jurors. I never got to meet the jurors but I did get to say hello to the Judge. After 5 long days it was a real honour to meet such a well respected and even handed member of the judiciary.

The first thing that hits you in court is just how solemn and serious the law process is. Judge Davis has a coat and tie rule so there is a rack of coats by the court entrance. Everyone working in the building has a deep respect for the Judge and even though there is lots of lively argument and counter argument the strong presence of the Judge and the deep respect that he demands for the law and the court overrides any tactics on any side of the issue at hand.

I so often read people off handedly spouting off about East Texas and it's reputation for patent cases but I can tell you the pressure on both the plaintiff and the defendant to make a reasonable, clear and understandable case is mind numbing.

I became part of a team that was sincerely trying to get justice. We had a war room near the curt and the conviction in that room made me feel like a spectator. Every person was giving 100% and totally engaged and the epitome of professionalism. I will do another blog a bit later to thank them all individually but I must say that it made me feel deeply privileged to have been part of that team.

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