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Visit to Google Today

After demoing the Google Glass privacy shutter at Sydstart today, I built up enough confidence to bite the bullet and just go over to Google Australia and find someone to show the invention to. Luckily on the way out of the event I ran into Murray Hurps from Fishburners and he reminded me of the key people who have interacted with the Fishburners crew from Google. His advice "Talk to Alan Noble (Google Australia GM), but if you get the chance talk to Sally-Ann Williams first".

So I jumped in the taxi and headed of to Google in Ultimo... went to reception and was greeted by a friendly young guy in a snazzy suit, with an ivy backdrop, cool looking rusted Google logo and a misting device putting a calming scent into the air. I asked him if they made him wear the suit, but he said Google lets you wear whatever you want.. he just thought that his dressing up was appropriate for his job.

He subsequently did the rounds trying to get in contact with SallyAnn and amazingly she agreed to see me in about an hours time... I had some lunch and went over to meet her at the Fairfax building. Again I was greeted by a wacky train carriage entry area, scooters and other transport paraphernalia and ten minutes later a smiling SallyAnn. 

I am not going to go into what happened but safe to say it was as positive as I could expect. How many places do you know of where you can call in unannounced and have someone fit you into their schedule on no notice?
Especially someone with Sally Ann's level of experience and responsibility. I hate the idea of ever working for someone but if I had to my first choice would be Google.
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