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How to see Australia.. by flying boat

A friend of mine who is a JetStar pilot and all round Indiana Jones type is also an inventor. Rowan Watkins invented the StopRotor technology which turns a helicopter into a plane and back... it means vertical take off and landing with full speed fixed wing flight speed in between!

Power to him... but back to my story. I ran the logistics of my plans to one day get a Flying Doctor plane (ie a Pilatus PC12) and follow the Australian coast line at 1500 feet to really see this wonderful continent.
Quick as a wink he countered with what he thought was a better idea and I cant get it out of my head.

Get on old flying boat (so you can land wherever you want) fit it out with a double bed and some long life batteries and a bit of a kitchen and really experience Australia.
Can you imagine a double bed in here? Looking out the buble windows of a night time?

How much do you think? A Pilatus costs 2-3 mill and 1.8 mill second hand. How much for a floating home? $345k US!!! A pity they dont make these beautiful planes any more this one was made in 1944 so I'm a bit worried about my maintenance skills... but what a wonderful thought.

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