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Di Morrisey, Her Uncle and I

From time to time Di and I catch up. Her Uncle and I were deep long time friends and I couldn't help but be adopted into the family as a kind of distant cousin.

Even though Di is a popular author with no reputation as a technologist she is always exploring interesting issues and one she keeps coming back to is the NBN. Way back when I first came home she introduced me to Janelle Saffin (an MP from the Page/ Lismore area) to weigh in as a technologist on the value of the NBN. Janelle kindly introduced me to Stephen Conroy in an attempt to help him sell full motion full screen video conferencing as the NBN's killer app... as anyone who has experienced it knows, once you've used it you never want to go back... but that was 2009 and the killer app is still not being explained...

But back to Di.

I have always encouraged her to expose her scenic and insightful Australian bent on writing popular novels (especially with the ladies... my wife loved Barra Creek) to the Americans and…

Modular Car System, but who did it first?

What a great design. A modular vehicle (see article) that allows multiple pods (or Ants as Cherry Automotive of China calls them) that can fit together in transit to make city driving more efficient... 
But who did it first?  Probably not me but here is my design from 2010.(click to read article)

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