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IP Australia speaker confirmed for Oct 31 Innovation Pipeline

I just spoke to Phillip Spann who is Asst GM and Deputy Commissioner at IP Australia (ie Australia's Patent Office)... he will be coming with Liz Drummond from IP Australia's communications office to contribute to the day long think fest.

I feel privileged to have such a senior person coming and look forward to the interchange that will happen in just over a week.

On the phone I asked Phil about the success of self filing inventors he has seen and also warned him that issues such as software and business model patents will come up on the day and he answered my questions with calm clear thinking reason so we will be able to delve into some really important issues during the IP Australia section of the day...

Liz is looking to interview inventors and innovators on the day for the IP Australia site so please feel free to look her up and tell her your story on the day..

This is looking like fun.
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