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SkunkMonk Panel - Future Predictions in Mobile + My predictions

Some well known panelists, some reactionary views, some embracing of the mobile future faith. Really worth the 4 minutes. But here is my prediction.

For those who have used Google Glass and really KNOW what its all about, I think a heads up display is inevitably in every persons future.

Critical to that future is centralized, personalized, intelligent and balanced notification...(ie controlling what information is pushed to me across multiple applications and across all my communication mediums). Some of the panel members above are saying the same thing by awkwardly encouraging people to shut off their devices to engage as humans... well sorry, a smart device should learn when to not interrupt you and should adapt to your notification or pushed information tolerances and comfort zones...

Personally I am focusing on what I am calling my "Personal  Server". It compiles the information I want and presents it in the format I want with a prioritization that I set... It combines information sources with custom macros that access, package and deliver information to me based on context such as location, time of day and my calendar (I dictate in my calendar when are work times and when are personal times). I am also working on interruption management. An app that limits access to me based on my circumstances but thats for another blog and for after I've written the patent.
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