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Richardson patents Simple Privacy Solution for Google Glass

Google Glass with privacy shutter that only opens
when filming or taking pictures
Ever since the ruckus over Google Glass privacy went into overdrive Ric has been wondering what all the commotion is about.

All you need is a retractable cover or what he calls a "privacy shutter" that makes it easily discernible when the camera is being used.

"It's such an easy fix, I assumed Google would have solved it on the spot... but weeks went by and I decided to fix the problem myself" said Mr Richardson.

His patent also covers the use of audio by Glass as a privacy concern. "I think the Glass concept is so important it would be a shame to see it crippled by social concerns when they can be so easily addressed by a technology fix. I want to use Glass in a theater, to get access to heads up ancillary information while watching a movie, without being questioned as to whether I am secretly pirating the film."

Ric plans to hand his work off to businessmen as soon as the technology is polished and ready for presentation to interested parties. Pictures from the patent drawings are available to the media upon request.
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