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Simple voice controlled TV Mute for the living Room - $25,000

My brother and I were sitting in the Iron Man 2 movie at the North Ryde Gold Club theater when we saw Tony Stark walk in a room and say "Mute" to turn off the volume of a TV... I though "I've got to get me one of those" but after when we discussed it we realised the reason that it was so cool was the fact that no one has done that... yet.

Amazingly, there are hi tech TV remotes out there that actually do feature voice control, but they are complicated expensive things ($400 or over) that require training and all kinds of tweaking... so I set about inventing my own simple TV Mute... it responds to just two commands... "Mute" and "unmute"...

Also I've been working on a prototype with a fellow Byronian wiz that will conceivably bring the cost price of the materials and components to under $20. So it is conceivable that you could see it in the stores for $50 ...

So if this invention is something you would like to own and turn into a business here are the details:

  • Asking price $25,000 for the following;
  • Provisional Patent, 
  • a Patent execution strategy paper
  • a Prior Art search done by me, 
  • a working prototype and; 
  • a deliverable's listing outlining the component cost and a suggested supplier to have the thing made for you...
  • An unsigned copy of the patent assignment document
  • A limited amount of time for consulting may also be available at a reduced cost (Ric's normal rate is $10,000 per day)

If you are interested, please send your questions to Ricricho at gmail dot com and ill fill in the gaps for you.
A deposit of $5k will be needed to release the prototype to you for assessment and a formal commitment of interest needed before Ill send the patent and prior art search to you.

Also if you have a person in mind that may like to own this invention then there is provision for a 10% finder/ brokers fee. All you have to do is send an email to me citing the name of the person you wish to introduce and connect us up and I will honor that agreement.

The sales process is as follows:

  1. You supply a formal request and expression of interest via email.
  2. I supply a password to you to open the zip file with the available documents
  3. We will require a 20% deposit if you:
    1. want us to release the prototype to you for evaluation. (This process may take 2 weeks depending on how far from Byron Bay you are).or;
    2. If you require a prior art search from an independent patent firm then I suggest Wallington Dummer from Sydney. They can do prior art searches for $2-2.5k. Te deposit will be used to ensure we do not sell the patent to a 3rd party during your prior art search period. We allow 10 days for a prior art search to be conducted.
  4. You may wish to add additional requests for information and these can be supplied after payment as part of the transaction price. Price will be negotiated at that time. Consulting with Ric can also be requested and added to the price as needed.
  5. Once you are satisfied that all documents are as advertised you request an Invoice
  6. I charge you and you pay the Invoice
  7. Upon receipt I sign and send to you the executed Patent and Rights assignment (a copy is included in the document package)
  8. Any additional documentation and or consulting time will be provided as agreed.
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