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Cattle Station Pasture Preservation Technology

Management of wild and pest animals that compete with Livestock for water and pasture is a constant problem in much of Australia. Eco sensitive land management supporters have found that when naturally arid properties (ie very little naturally occurring surface water) are allowed to dry out (by temporary de-stocking and plugging of bore water) the numbers of wild and pest animal populations also decrease. 

The system devised by Ric Richardson takes advantage of this phenomena with a smart bore water trough that does visual animal recognition and only allows livestock to access water. The trough has a grid that is removed when livestock approaches but is replaced and stays in place when other unrecognized animals approach.

This process allows the normal attrition that occurs in nature, to regulate wild or pest category animals while allowing livestock to thrive using a more efficient water management system.

The grate swivels out of the way on animal approach using a solar powered motor. A medium range radio frequency warning system alerts station personal to maintenance or failure issues. The surveillance system is stand alone and low cost. A prototype would include a wireless communications system to fine tune animal recognition and remote reporting capability.

The patent for this technology is available as is supporting documentation and design notes.
A Chinese translation of all documents is also now available.

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