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Cattle Station Pasture Preservation Technology

Management of wild and pest animals that compete with Livestock for water and pasture is a constant problem in much of Australia. Eco sensitive land management supporters have found that when naturally arid properties (ie very little naturally occurring surface water) are allowed to dry out (by temporary de-stocking and plugging of bore water) the numbers of wild and pest animal populations also decrease. 
The system devised by Ric Richardson takes advantage of this phenomena with a smart bore water trough that does visual animal recognition and only allows livestock to access water. The trough has a grid that is removed when livestock approaches but is replaced and stays in place when other unrecognized animals approach.
This process allows the normal attrition that occurs in nature, to regulate wild or pest category animals while allowing livestock to thrive using a more efficient water management system.

The grate swivels out of the way on animal approach using a solar powered mot…

The verdict is in.. results from Rics Patent Poll

Is this poll proof that the time for software patents is over? No. Its proof that Software games supporters are  rabidly loyal and that most people don't understand the real issues.
First some facts. This poll was taken during the heat of the anti-Uniloc publicity peak when they first sued Mojang over their game Minecraft.
We had thousands of visitors each day, most of them indignant gamers.
So this is what they said:
30% said patents are no good get rid of them  55% said just Software patents should go 6% said everything should be free (unless it affects my job no doubt) and; 8% said patents are good...
I wonder if you asked the same crowd about drink driving or about the decriminalization of heroin whether you'd get a similar response.
Software patents are about things like:
Do you think the inventor of the worldwide web should be compensated for providing such a wonderful thing? Do you think that anyone should be able to make their own version of the iPhone and sell them? …

2GB Business Talk Today

Just heard my interview with Ross Greenwood this morning... what a dynamic guy.. I don't know how he does it day in day out... I've had 30 people visit the site since the story aired and its been really interesting to see how many people are listening to the radio on a Sunday...

In case you missed it we discussed:

Voice Controlled TV Mute

Flat Tire Alarm

Voice Control Siri Badge for iPhone

Sadly in the short time between recording the Interview and publishing I found a California Mob who are already doing it... but its interesting to see what they have come up with...

Ross Also talked about my help for Inventors.. so if you want some feel free to sign up for my mail list where I inform everyone when there is some ProBono …

List of Probono Slots Currently Available

Ric tries to consistently make time available to help fellow inventors get their projects moving along. From time to time he provides a morning a week to talk on the phone or face to face with people who need his help

Here is what is booked and available for the next few weeks:

Tuesday 12thMarch from 4pm-5:30pm
Neil Wallace -2.30pm-4pm - Face to Face - Confirmed
Paul Vance - 4pm-5.30pm Face to Face - Confirmed

Monday 18thMarch from 3pm-5.30pm
Jeff Haseldon - 3pm-4.30pm - Face to Face - unconfirmed
Zen Player - 4.30-6pm Face to Face - unconfirmed

Friday 29thMarch from 9am -12 noon
Ali McQuillan - 9:30-11am - Face to Face Slot - unconfirmed
Helen Davenport - 11am-12.30pm - Face to Face Slot - unconfirmed

Friday April 5thfrom 9am – 12 noon
Jaye Bolger 9am-9:20am - Over the phone session - unconfirmed
Bryce Murray 9:30-11am - Face to Face session - unconfirmed
More slots will be added in a few weeks
Please note:

Face to Face Sessions
will take place in Byron Bay at either the Byron @ Byron Resort, The Bel…

Simple voice controlled TV Mute for the living Room - $25,000

My brother and I were sitting in the Iron Man 2 movie at the North Ryde Gold Club theater when we saw Tony Stark walk in a room and say "Mute" to turn off the volume of a TV... I though "I've got to get me one of those" but after when we discussed it we realised the reason that it was so cool was the fact that no one has done that... yet.

Amazingly, there are hi tech TV remotes out there that actually do feature voice control, but they are complicated expensive things ($400 or over) that require training and all kinds of tweaking... so I set about inventing my own simple TV Mute... it responds to just two commands... "Mute" and "unmute"...

Also I've been working on a prototype with a fellow Byronian wiz that will conceivably bring the cost price of the materials and components to under $20. So it is conceivable that you could see it in the stores for $50 ...

So if this invention is something you would like to own and turn into a busines…

Denied :-) Siri Communicator Badge already done!

Sometimes a great idea that youve been working on is allready DONE.

Ive been tinkering with the idea of a bluetooth headset that sits on your chest and is activated like the Star Trek Command Badge (ie you tap a badge on your chest to communicate). Worked on the noise cancelling and the limiting of the speaker so it doesnt send your conversations out all over the room you are in... but... turns out someone beat me to it.. and filed a patent no less....

Here it is....

Not quite what I had in mind but close enough...

I had more of a disk shape in mind with a speaker and mic that projected sideways out the edge of the device...

Oh well back to the drawing board... another prototype bites the dust.
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