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Want to help sell one of Ric’s patents? Maybe you can

Don’t assume that selling patents with Ric is only for the big timers. Many of Ric’s patents are quite low priced so that everyday people can buy them and make a business out of them.

The last 5 patents Ric has sold are in the $16,000-$45,000 range and a few of them involved a broker’s fee where someone helped Ric find a home for the patent.

The patents are usually first advertised here on this blog so you can see what the sale includes and you have everything you need to help find someone you know or do business with who would benefit from having a Ric Richardson invention and patent.

The way it works is this:
  • You register your interest in the form below in working with me as a broker and then
  • Look at the list of patents currently available for sale on the tab above that says "Patents for Sale" and see if you have ideas for any of them... there are over 40 available so tell me your field of interest in the form below and ill try and find a good fit for you.
  • I'll send you the broker terms which are a healthy percentage of the sale price.
  • You tell me what patents you want to help sell.
  • When I sell the patent to a person you introduced me to I pay your broker percentage out of what is paid.

The way I work is that if there are brokers I know who have a good network to sell a patent I will give them a period of time to try and sell the patent and then if no sale eventuates I advertise the patent directly on the site including the sale price with no brokerage fee included.

The reason I do this is because I love inventing but I only have limited time to work on the most important projects. 

So what happens to all the inventions? 

They sit around waiting for me to get to them. I’d rather see them find a great home where people love the idea and want to do something constructive with them, even if I only get a small fraction of the return that I would if I fully developed the idea…

So what do you reckon?
Want to work with me?
Just fill out the form below and let's see if we can work together.
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