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The Inventors Association of Australia very kindly hosted me to speak to a roomfull of eager inventors in Brisbane last Wed night. A couple of ladies even came down from Cairns just for the evening so the pressure was on to make it all worthwhile....  the big idea for the night was the idea of segregating yourself into different roles and looking objectively at yourself regarding your value as a entrepreneur versus an inventor versus a manager and getting realistic about what help you need to get your invention out there...
How to fight the tendency to think that as the inventor we are by default the person that must get the project going... and started talking about how to get people with the respective special skills to work with you rather than try and do it yourself... it was a long discussion with a lot of people continuing to ask me about business related problems when my gut instinct was telling me that they really should not have been doing the business but rather finding the right person to partner with so that their strengths cover your weaknesses.

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