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Richardson files patent for simultaneous general and local search results - asking price $16k

This patent and Technology has been sold as of Mar 1st 2013.

This invention for a system that allows a localized search result to be shown along with a general search result has been cooking for over 3 or 4 years when I first saw Evernote embed its search results for your own documents with a general Google search result.

I thought "wouldn't it be cool to know if there were search results in a quick driving range for stuff that I was searching the whole net for?" And voila this is it...

Basically it is a means of overlaying the search results of a search engine that ONLY displays close by results was so that it appears below the main search results.

A cool way to implement this is to change the search engine of choice in your browser to the local search engine talked about in the patent and then have your main search results also displayed by choosing Google or Yahoo etc as your secondary search engine.

The above rough drawing is actually from the patent! I don't mess around making things all perfect when I'm writing patents... as soon as the idea is fully formed and the testing proves the viability of the invention I get it filed ASAP. No messing around.

The screen above is the search query page for both the local and general search. You type the search terms in as usual, but also set the search location (usually your postcode), the distance you want to search ie within 10k 20 50 etc and the search engine you want to use for the main results.

The results page is a Google Search result with an overlay showing very local results at the bottom of the page. I started doing this for my self just using two Google search criteria: one for a general search and the second for a Google search with the postcode added to the search string... but the obvious opportunity is there for a local search or classifieds web site to service people who dont want to get results from all over the place.

The business model is pretty interesting too. Because only local results are displayed in the local search results page, it encourages people to fill that valuable space with relevant products, services or information. For example, I search for guitars on the net and I see that a local store sells guitars but not the model I'm interested in... I could place an add instantly to let others know that I am looking for a guitar  and it will appear in future searches by other local people looking at the search term guitar... pretty cool.

Again, I am not stopping the train to find a home for this invention so I'm letting it go to someone who will give it a good shot for the cost of my time... I'm asking $16k AUD. Email your interest to ricricho AT gmail dot com.

Title: System for display of multiple search engine results from a single query
Filed: 6th Feb 2013
Asking price: $16,000 AUD
Included: Patent, Assignment of all rights, My own search results/ prior art search, Patent strategy paper and Product Development strategy paper.

This patent is in a very busy space so the commissioning of your own prior art search using a patent lawyer may be a good idea for your own piece of mind... Im happy to wait for you to have the search done as long as you are happy to place a 20% deposit on the purchase to avoid having someone else buy it out from under you.

Here is how it works:

1. You download the encrypted patent package from this address:

2. You request a password from me . Please give me enough information to ensure that I am happy that you are a serious buyer as I don't think the eventual buyer will want a whole lot of people looking at the patent they've bought.I send the complete info to you.

3. (optional) you send me a 20% deposit and proceed to get the prior art search done (usually 1.5-2.5k in price/ I can recommend some good patent lawyers) this usually takes 10 days or less.

4. The remainder is paid and I sign the patent assignment and release and the patent is YOURS.

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