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One click auctions for your site - patent and dev plan $13,500

Over the last year or so the number of really cool transaction technologies has started to get going. The ability to trade with visitors to your site is becoming simpler, faster and more friction-less. This technology is an extension of what we are seeing in that it take the best of what is out there and builds extended selling capabilities such as the auction process into the same easy embedded approach allowing visitors to your site to bid in an auction without having to go to another site or interact with a third party.

If you are interested or know someone who may want to take over this patent please email me at ricricho at gmail dot com. There is also a significant finders fee available to anyone that introduces me to the eventual buyer, just ask me about it.

Patent: Auction Button Patent

Type: Provisional Patent

Included: Prior art search (by me), Implementation strategy notes and an FAQ regarding the tech.

Price: $16,000 AUD

Key features:

  • Ability to conduct auction from your site without going to third party site.
  • Easy to use embedded code
  • Well known and much used overlay interface.

This encrypted package contains the patent as filed. I am also adding additional documents to support the buyer and they will be included as I get to them.
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