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Flat Tire Alarm Invention up for Sale - $19,000

The original version of this invention came to life after a friend of mine and former neighbor Herb Elliott (the famous runner and business man) asked me how I invent... I said you just solve problems and so he asked his wife for a problem to solve and voila. This is what appeared after some fun brainstorming the problem.

As the tire rotates the arm (see number 32) hits the inside of the tire as it starts to deflate and triggers a noise maker (number 34) to make a noise that can be heard inside the cabin.

Put simply, the idea relies on the simple fact that the space between the hub and the inside of the tire becomes  smaller as a tire deflates. The most simple version of the invention is to just stick something in their that makes a noise when the tire starts to go flat. I also tried to make sure the noise maker was not dependent on electronics but the patent covers using something like a smoke detector beeper to let you know the tire is getting flat...

At the moment the document package only contains the patent and drawings but Ill be adding my development notes and a prior art search in the next few days as the patent get's sold.

Patent: Flat Tire Alarm Patent
Type: Provisional
Included Documents: Specification, drawings, receipt (prior art search and development notes coming soon)
Asking price: (email me to ask)

Download the package to see the patent: (ecrypted) email ricricho at gmail dot com to get the password.

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