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Deposit Button Patent simplify's big cash transactions - $8,000

Ever found it irritating that you may want to sell a car or something else big and expensive like that but you didn't want someone trying to put it on their credit card? The other extreme is to have someone go through the rigmarole of doing a bank transfer when they need to look at your car before they buy? Well this concept is designed to fill that need.

It enables people to make a deposit on a large item, to place it on hold until they can inspect the item and complete the transaction. This is especially important for big or expensive items. It's great for the seller too because it shows them that the buyer is serious.

How would it work?
  • The seller places the ad on their web site advertising the item for sale and its full price.
  • The seller places a "Pay Deposit" button on the site.
  • When the buyer decides they want to place the item on hold with a deposit they click on the "Pay Deposit" button.
  • A screen appears floating above the sellers sales page enabling the buyer to pay for the deposit with their credit card. (There is no need for the seller to go to a separate site to pay)
  • The button status changes to "Deposit Taken"

I came up with this idea after suffering the frustration of not being able to take deposits for my patent sales over the years. Yet again this is a project that is too small for me to poor my effort into so I'm asking you to help me find a home for it...

Patent: Deposit Button Patent
Type: Provisional
Included: Patent specification, drawings, receipt, patent rights and assignment, prior art search (by Ric) and implantation notes.

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