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Weakerz: wearable speakers invention

My daughter Lily and I have been working on a concept for wearable personal speakers that allows someone to listen to their itunes library but without cutting themselves off from the world... even though she is a fan of Apples in-ear earbuds she really helped me zero in on the need to allow her and younger generations to tune into their life's soundtrack...

... the wearable speakers are safer she admits since you can hear cars and other people around you without sacrificing the fidelity of the music you listen to.

The device, which is not yet finished or patented, allows the user to have two little speakers aimed at the users ears for everything from music to answering the phone...

Lily also helped with the branding and marketing plan for the device... she's named the device Weakerz... playing on the wearable speakers idea and has also done the trademark and design brief.
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