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Sometimes the simplest things are the best

A few months ago a part time inventor from Adelaide named Ros Branson asked me for help with her invention... a classy and simple pen holder for ring binders... for the life of me I thought id seen the idea before but its turned out to be very uncrowded space especially for something so obviously useful...

For any of you that know me personally, you will know I swing from personal management system to system trying to find the ultimate approach and I always return to paper so this classy but simple addition is going into my quiver of useful tools along with a reminder of the hard effort and mental energy that is being poured into great ideas like this.

Ros told me today she is thinking about doing a small production run with a local manufacturer and going to sell it to the stationary and office chains... I for my part will support her with a reference wherever she needs it.. Good on you Ros.

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