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Multiple Payment Options Technology

One of the most disruptive parts of buying from a website is the ordeal of setting up an account and then being forced to go to another site such as Paypal to complete the transaction. It is of paramount importance to not make the buyer jump through any unnecessary hoops and to minimize what is necessary in the first place.... Enter the "One Button Merchant Services" button.

This simple use of XHTML and Javascript combined with a smart back end allows shop owners to offer their online buyers a simplified streamlined purchase completion process that occurs right in the page the customer is viewing... no need to go to various screens to be engulfed by a complex purchase process...
The buy button appears to be normal when browsing the site. But when the visitor decides to buy...

A layer appears that allows the user to select their payment method and complete the purchase. Technology like this appears with companies like however this methodology expands way beyong that simple system buy allow an array of merchant services such as Bitcoin in addition to the traditional transaction services of Mastercard, Visa and Paypal.

This technology is currently under development and on sale will include:
  • Provisional Patent as filed + filing receipts
  • Example Code and Architectural explanation
  • Patent Execution Strategy
  • In House Prior Art Search
  • Technology Implementation Strategy
  • Patent and Assignments Rights Agreement
Please contact Ric Richardson at ricricho at gmail dot com for details.

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