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Ric Richardson files simple local sharing patent - its yours for $13,350

Ever wanted to share something with others simply? A photo with a group at your dinner table? A business card with someone you just met? But don’t want to be typing out email addresses.

This issue has been a thorn in my side for some time but this latest patent may fix that. 

By using the noise that surrounds us all the time our phones can work out that we are nearby someone who we want to share something with. Pretty obvious once you look at how we as humans work!

With this in mind all we need to do when we want to share something on our phones is to have them connect to each other and use the noise around us to make sure we are not inadvertently sharing something with a total stranger. It allows us to make super fast, convenient and easy connections with anyone nearby. It's kind of like talking... only the people nearby can hear you talk even if you are in a room with a hundred people.

Here is how it works:
  • I tell you I want to share something with you... a photo, a music file, a business card..
  • You go to your sharing app (Ive called it Sharezeez for this √©xercise)
  • I go to my sharing app and select the item I want to share and send it of to a sharing server on the Net where it will sit waiting to be picked up by you.
  • The two phones start listening to the environment of the phones and send off little samples of the sound to a server on the net that looks for a match...
  • Nearby conversations, your own talking, background music or even wind noise is forming a unique signature that will be common only to your two phones...
  • When they are matched the you are shown a screen asking if they want to accept the shared file and it is then downloaded to you.
  • I get a little message saying that you have received the file and the sharing session is over... fast, easy and simple.
Here is a powerpoint showing how it works:

Q: Sounds like a great idea... why aren’t you building the thing yourself Ric?
A: This idea has been niggling at me for some time, but so has underground wireless power transmission, logarithmic compression of data and many other projects that are a lot more complicated and large scale. Selling the patent for this small amount means that the idea will get worked on and it will have a good chance of being done, without taking a lot of time from other projects that are really big scale and take pretty much everything Ive got to solve... the problem is, that I love solving these little-er problems... they niggle away at me in the night and I hate to see them die on the vine because I’m committed to these other big projects... so if somebody wants to help me find a new home for them... good on them.. I’d love to see them be used.

By the way this project is not such a small thing... with the right approach I can easily see Apple computer using it in their IOS operating system to enable super convenient local sharing. For example, when you select the share button that is available in most iPhone Apps you could have the option to local share, and the receiving person could hit an icon on their home screen that says accept a local share and the two phones would find each other and share in a flash... it would be really cool.

Of course any of the big guys could use it... Google, or any App Developer especially the social app developers like FaceBook or Twitter... what I like is that you can share anonymously, ie you don’t even need to know the name or account or email address of the person you’re sharing with... it’s like real life... you don’t have to have a formal connection with someone to share something with them. Bono could share a photo with everyone at a concert in a button press... its really cool.

Ok, I’m interested, what do I get for my $13+k?

  • You can look at the patent drawings below. 
  • The specification is password protected and I can send a password to you when I know that you are a serious buyer. 
  • You will get a release from me saying that you own the patent and the invention described by the patent.. You can supply your own release form or we can use one of mine.
  • I have done a prior art search with the results stored as a pdf and this can be released to you when I know you are seriously interested.
  • I have a patent strategy paper which shows how I would get the various patents done in the various countries based on the progress that the invention makes in the next 12 months.
  • I also have a fairly basic software design outline that I will release to serious parties. It includes a summary of the main components of the software, how they are connected and short list of the people I would use to get the job done.

Assuming I like what I see how do we move forward?

Its pretty simple:
  • Send me an email at ricricho at stating that you are formally interested in buying the patent...
  • I send you the docs that are private so you can make sure you are happy you have all you need.
  • You deposit the $13,350 into my account and;
  • I send you the release and assignment along with the receipt.
I’d love to see this great idea find a great home.
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