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Ric speaking about software patents at IP Australia patent forum

This video is of my presentation at the IP Australia software forum with software patents being the basis of discussion... the IP Australia guys positioned me as the Pro Patents guy and had an anti-software patent guy follow me so the session was a bit contentious, but I hope the reasoning I used has some credibility. Unfortunately the anti software crowd is particularly vocal and even abusive so the opportunity for real discussion is often ruined as no one serious wants to engage in an inane shouting match. At this occasion anyway the crowd was thoughful, open minded and reasonable. I spoke later at Sydstart on the same topic with about 800 in attendance and even though the crowd started out negative about patents, I did get two lots of really supportive clapps as I made a case for patents using a couple of projects I am working on at the moment... so yes most people are reasonable... and it's great to see.
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