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Inventor Workshop Series Book1 of 5 - The Big Picture

Finally, the Inventor Workshop series is finished. Well, at least the 1st of 5 workbooks is done. I wrote this first eBook at the urging of the guys at R2 Labs to produce a book that people could use as a guide if they can't get to have personal time with me or as a follow up for people that have received my help since I get to explain in details all the main points I cover in my probono sessions.

Unfortunately by the time I get the editing, transcription and layout guys paid this turns out to be a bit more expensive than I wanted so please accept my apologies for the higher price than I wanted. I spread the cost over 100 sets so I really don't expect this to be a big seller. But to people that have needed my help it may be really important.

If you would like to read the first chapter Ive got a download for you to have a look at FREE.

Click here Download the first chapter FREE If you want to buy the whole series see below.

In the first book entitled "THE BIG PICTURE", I give an overview of the system I use in trying to get my inventions going commercially. The big message from this book is "Find yourself a business master to drive the company from when your strengths start to peter out".

I am busily getting feedback from the readers to refine what the next books cover as I want this effort to be about my fellow inventors... not me... so I'm looking to get feedback over the next few weeks to make sure the complete series is as relevant as possible.

The burning issue seems to be how to find the right business partner so the book about head hunting seems to be the next most important book. I have a lot of notes already in this area and want to give some examples of how to find market entry CEO's so you can see step by step how it works.

If you would like a copy click on the button below and I'll send you a copy.

 $120 AUD for 5 workbooks.

1st Title "The Big Picture" available immediately. Other books in the series will cover specific area covered in the 1st book. You are also invited to add your request to a survey to start in the next few days going out to all people who have bought the book.
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