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Google Hangout round 2

The first attempt to do an Inventor Hangout was a pretty abysmal affair.. I ended up talking to Inventors by phone instead!... but still seems worthwhile exploring so lets try a new tack.

First of all you must have a web cam and a microphone connected to your computer... or if you have a smartphone you can use the Google Plus app to join the Hangout from your phone!

Step 1:

First of all I recommend you go to this page:
To see how Hangouts work and also to see if you can Sign in to Google Plus or need to join Google plus top be able to do the Hangout.

Step 2:

If you havent already done so you need to download the Google Hangout plug in on this page:

And install it on your computer...

Step 3: 

I will be inviting you to the hangout from my account.. so you will receive your hangout invite FROM YOUR GOOGLE PLUS PAGE. Not from your email

I will be trying out the event feature which may deliver an email but from what I can tell your invite will only appear on your Google Plus page...

It takes a while for the session to start but be patient... you can also call Ric on his mobile phone to make sure you are connecting.. I will be sending an email with my phone number before the hangout starts... expect to see the hangout invite about 5-1 minute before the hangout starts as I am often booked back to back with other work...

Hope it all works this time.

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