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1st Inventor Masterclass at Byron@Byron

Friday 12th October was the first Inventor Masterclass with me and 15 other fellow inventors. First thing to say was how much I underestimated the value of class members being able to hear each others questions and problems... its was fascinating and made me ensure that my answers were well understood... The only thing I underestimated was the amount of time that the class needed for one on one time... every 3/4 hour or so I would stop and take a member out to talk about their problems and also went on for another hour or so after the class trying to help ones who stayed later...

I think the idea of having the class at Byron @ Byron was a good idea... it cost a bit but the food and tea service was excellent and the quality of the location made it a special event for everyone...

Also I was intrigued by the breadth of the inventors there. There was a very experienced plastic bottle closure inventor ranging right through to a young fellow exploring mind stimulation to improve capabilities at different sports and activities using external skull stimulation... real bleeding edge stuff.

I am getting ready to do another Class and will inform everyone soon... congratulations to the First Masterclass members... you did great.
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