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Google Hangout round 2

The first attempt to do an Inventor Hangout was a pretty abysmal affair.. I ended up talking to Inventors by phone instead!... but still seems worthwhile exploring so lets try a new tack.

First of all you must have a web cam and a microphone connected to your computer... or if you have a smartphone you can use the Google Plus app to join the Hangout from your phone!

Step 1:

First of all I recommend you go to this page:
To see how Hangouts work and also to see if you can Sign in to Google Plus or need to join Google plus top be able to do the Hangout.

Step 2:
If you havent already done so you need to download the Google Hangout plug in on this page:

And install it on your computer...
Step 3: 
I will be inviting you to the hangout from my account.. so you will receive your hangout invite FROM YOUR GOOGLE PLUS PAGE. Not from your email
I will be trying out the event feature which may deliver an …

Ric speaking about software patents at IP Australia patent forum

This video is of my presentation at the IP Australia software forum with software patents being the basis of discussion... the IP Australia guys positioned me as the Pro Patents guy and had an anti-software patent guy follow me so the session was a bit contentious, but I hope the reasoning I used has some credibility. Unfortunately the anti software crowd is particularly vocal and even abusive so the opportunity for real discussion is often ruined as no one serious wants to engage in an inane shouting match. At this occasion anyway the crowd was thoughful, open minded and reasonable. I spoke later at Sydstart on the same topic with about 800 in attendance and even though the crowd started out negative about patents, I did get two lots of really supportive clapps as I made a case for patents using a couple of projects I am working on at the moment... so yes most people are reasonable... and it's great to see.

Inventor help for this week

This week started with a bit of a hiccup when I couldn't get Google Hangouts working for an Inventor session... it was really painful and I have to work out what is going on there... On Thursday I started out helping Matt Allen from Coaxe diesel engines with some inventor/ start-up advice as a favour for my mate Pete Cooper who runs the Sydstart events... its a really interesting diesel engine design that radically reduces vibration and runs more efficiently than a standard engine.. they are in the UAV space because the obvious application ie helicopter engines is dominated by turbines... I hope my advice made a difference for them as it is a really interesting idea....

Then I went to the Tweed Coast to catch up with the iDesign guys who have an automated houseplan/ lot matching system for land developers and home buyers. I helped them with a business model patent back in 2010.. there stuff is really maturing...

Then I met Simon Oleary and his brother in law who are working on a …

1st Inventor Masterclass at Byron@Byron

Friday 12th October was the first Inventor Masterclass with me and 15 other fellow inventors. First thing to say was how much I underestimated the value of class members being able to hear each others questions and problems... its was fascinating and made me ensure that my answers were well understood... The only thing I underestimated was the amount of time that the class needed for one on one time... every 3/4 hour or so I would stop and take a member out to talk about their problems and also went on for another hour or so after the class trying to help ones who stayed later...
I think the idea of having the class at Byron @ Byron was a good idea... it cost a bit but the food and tea service was excellent and the quality of the location made it a special event for everyone...

Also I was intrigued by the breadth of the inventors there. There was a very experienced plastic bottle closure inventor ranging right through to a young fellow exploring mind stimulation to improve capabiliti…

Next book in the series - Headhunting

Its pretty unanimous, the next book that is nearing completion is called "Headhunting" and shows how I find CEOs to partner with and gives a couple of examples of how to do it...

This book will be very practical, but will require a disciplined Internet research capability...
There will be a bit of overlap with a book about business plans but its really important to know the foundation upon which you build your headhunting work.

Feedback about book one is all good and strong... its great to know people think the ideas are worthwhile.

Discovered: Killer App for Google Hangouts

Video conferencing... cool... and hangouts are really underutilized for this but i think my team and I have discovered a killer app for Hangouts...

Ever since I saw the movie "Inside Man" there was a scene in which the character played by Jodie Foster interacts with her secretary by full time full screen video even though she is only in the next room... Jodie can talk face to face with her secretary whenever she wants because the secretaries video chat auto answers and shows on her desktop without having to answer the call...

I've tried to emulate this with Skype by having an account that is only known to close friends, workmates and family and setting Skype to auto answering whenever they call in... this way they can see when I'm on the phone or just say hello whenever they want...

Now with hangouts all I need to do is run a webcam on one of my servers as a constant Video hangout and then allow my family and work mates to drop in and out whenever they want... it wor…

Inventor Masterclass Oct 12th - Booked

UPDATED: Wed 10th Oct - 1 day to go.

Hi there everyone, just an update regarding the Masterclass on October 12th in Byron Bay at the Byron@ Byron resort. Everything is moving ahead as planned.

Byron at Byron resort
77/79 Broken Head Road, Byron Bay NSW 2481
1300 554 362‎

Here is the current list:

Peter Thompson? -  1 
Mark Don Goodall - 2
Rachel Clark - 1
Star Young - 1
Salome Borg - 1
MWeb Solutions - 1 (postponed to next masterclass)
Earl Russell - 2 seats
New world Machines - Marshal - 1
Wayne Earl - 1
Richard Chi - 1
Mark Anson and Isha - 2
Michael Conner - 1
Jess Lelievre - 1

Updated 10th October - Total 15 for this week - we have our number...

2 booked for the next one in 4-6 weeks if all goes well.
Mary Bremner - asked to be inc not paid yet.

Ideal class size is 15-20 so if you want to come please send your request to ricricho at
I will save you a slot and send an email with payment instructions.

The $140 for the day covers morning and afternoon teas, a $50 lunch budget and the…

Inventor Workshop Series Book1 of 5 - The Big Picture

Finally, the Inventor Workshop series is finished. Well, at least the 1st of 5 workbooks is done. I wrote this first eBook at the urging of the guys at R2 Labs to produce a book that people could use as a guide if they can't get to have personal time with me or as a follow up for people that have received my help since I get to explain in details all the main points I cover in my probono sessions.

Unfortunately by the time I get the editing, transcription and layout guys paid this turns out to be a bit more expensive than I wanted so please accept my apologies for the higher price than I wanted. I spread the cost over 100 sets so I really don't expect this to be a big seller. But to people that have needed my help it may be really important.

If you would like to read the first chapter Ive got a download for you to have a look at FREE.

Click here Download the first chapter FREE If you want to buy the whole series see below.

In the first book entitled "THE BIG PICTURE"…

Inventor Series - Book 1 - The Big Picture

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