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Next 2 weeks probono and discount consulting slots

Hi there everyone.
The continued demand for help with peoples projects and inventions is just overwhelming... and gratifying. With over 300 still in the waiting line I really feel terrible that I cant do more than I am already... unfortunately I cant book out for long periods of time in advance because of my day gig obligations but if you click on the tab "Get Ric's help" you will see what slots are available for the next few weeks.

Usually I do my pro-bono work on Fridays but I'm travelling a bit in the next two weeks so I have moved my help time to the next two Mondays...

So go have a look and see if any of the slots suit your time frame.

I am also considering doing an inventor master class at the Byron@Byron resort in Byron Bay in October. It will involve a full morning session for two hours then a series of 10-20 one-on-ones to talk about your individual projects then a lunch together.

I think to rent the room and have a nice lunch will cost about $100 each if I get 10-15 people to come along.

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