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Ric Richardson's latest technology Instashare - coding partner needed

Ric is coming to the end of the design phase of his latest technology that will allow iPhone users to instantly share photos, videos, contact information or pretty much anything else by sharing a verbal number. Yes... by using a number only. No need for Facebook friends or email addresses. Just an app and a number.

Imagine, taking a group photo and saying "my instashare code is 2481" and allowing everyone in the photo to get their copy of the photo instantly. 

Imagine being in the crowd at a U2 concert and seeing a number flash on the video screens that allows you to share a photo that Bono just took on stage.

iPhone Coder Needed
As you can imagine Ric is quite excited by the idea but he wants to try something new. Rather than use a hired gun to code the project Ric is looking for the best coder willing to buy into the idea with their own enthusiasm.

He wants to invest in passion for the idea NOT just another well paid contractor.

Ric will let the successful bidder retain 4x their quoted coding price from proceeds of the sale of an iPhone app based on this concept.

Are you up to the challenge?

Just fill out the form below and lets get working on this great idea.

*Instashare is the current working title for the technology
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