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Getting help from Ric

Again like last time I am being flooded with fellow Aussies who want some ideas about how to get their invention going or how to patent stuff...

Well here is what I can do...

If you want pro bono help I have slots on Friday mornings where i talk to people about their inventions and ideas. If you come to Byron and speak in person I will give you a couple of hours at a local Cafe... if you want help on the phone ill give you half an hour.. at the moment im booked into mid May.

If you want paid help just say so and ill fit you into my normal work cycle depending on what else i have going... my day rate is 3k but sometimes ill give a couple of hours if you are willing to contribute to a cause..

Also.. I hate homework... so please don't send stuff for me to read and research... if i do that ill have no time for other people... this way i get to help as many people as i can and still get to be an inventor.

My email is [removed due to abuse]
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