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Another Australian Story about Ric to air Monday 9th April

Shooting finished today of material to wrap up the Uniloc Microsoft story that started back in 2009 when Australian Story first picked up on the struggle between Microsoft and the company I started back in 1992, Uniloc.

My good friend Jim Revitt, who sadly passed away soon after the first show, always said that if I was to do one television show then Australian Story was the one to do... and his advice proved right. Sadly Jim will not be here to see the final chapter air this coming Monday (the 9th).

The show will review the twists and turns leading up to the settlement a few weeks back and it will also feature some upbeat segments covering projects I am working on now and people I am trying to help with their inventions... and some more guitar playing with my good mate Steve Cox... I hope I am in tune... I was playing so loud I couldn't tell :-)

It has been a real privilege to have had the Australian Story team revisit and it was great fun showing them some of the interesting people and ideas I have been working on over the last year or so...

I hope the show does more than fill peoples curiosity on the back story of the struggle with Microsoft. There are so many inventive Australians out there, and so many great ideas to explore and make happen... I hope that it gives viewers the invention bug, and gives them another reason to have a go at inventing themselves...

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