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Update on articles so far

This article (above) appeared in the UK publication The Register. Its great to see people being supportive.

Another from 
Has OZ Developer Just Got $300M+ Out Of Microsoft?
Sad to say this article got a few things wrong. Besides settlement terms which are not being disclosed there are quite a few misconceptions to be corrected:
  1. No I was never an INXS roadie... I just worked a bit with Tim Farris at his home studio and have been friendly with their manager Chris Murphy for many years.
  2. They say I was domiciled in a VW Kombi for some years.... Wha? Never... I think they got this from the story about how I use a Ford Transit as a mobile office (I certainly never lived in it... my Mrs like a comfy home thank you very much). I don't do this out of necessity but rather by choice so that I can enjoy the beautiful scenery around Byron as I do my work.
  3. The judge in the jury case overturned the Jury decision and we WON the appeal to reverse his decision. The court case we just were in when we settled was to confirm the amount of damages we were to get.
  4. And no.. Im not an Aus developer... Im an inventor...
Just like to keep the facts straight.

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