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Revised Executable QR code provisional patent filed

Ric has submitted a revised version of his patent for executable QR codes. The patent was filed with IP Australia tonight at appropriately 8pm with reference number SPEP-16112161 and covers the extended use of the popular QR code format to allow interactive transactions and macros between devices and Internet services.

The original patent filing documents are available here: but require a password to open. The password is available to business partners that are helping Ric roll out this business. 

Ever wondor why QR codes seem so interesting but fall short of what your gut says they should be able to do?

Executable QR codes take up where standard QR codes left off:

* A QR code on a web page that initiates payment and automates the exchange of credit card and delivery details without setting up an account.

* A QR code at a taxi stand that books a taxi and allows you to track the taxi as it drives towards you without typing anything in...

* A QR code that allows you to buy a can of Coke from a vending machine that is not Internet enabled.

* The ability to buy something from a QR code flashed at you while watching the shorts in a cinema.

* The ability to pay for your restaurant meal by taking a pic of a QR code printed on your bill.

*The ability to book a plumbing service and making an appointment by taking a picture of an executable QR code on a plumbers truck as they drive by.

In due course Ric will be producing an iPhone/ iPad app showcasing the capabilities of the technology.

How will Ric get around Apples probable perception that this will become a platform for a myriad mini apps?
The strategy to date is to include all the code segments that would be available to a specific version of the app in the initial submission to Apple, but by default only download the segments as needed by the user thus avoiding the downloading of any unnecessary segments of code. 

How will you control security for such a powerful application?
Similar to Apples current policy we will ensure that all submitted macros and code segments are thoroughly tested and the process of each macro not expose the user to abuses of the information on their device.

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